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Advanced GTD with Remember The Milk

RTM 的Blog上看到这篇文章,因为被河蟹的关系,可能不大方便被看到,未免可惜,在此转贴出来。

文中提到的技巧适用于探讨用 RTM 实现GTD系统的朋友。我最大的收获就是学会善用Smart List功能组织清单,能起到事半功倍的效果。

I'm happy to introduce a guest post from Doug Ireton, who's written a fantastic guide to Getting Things Done with RTM. Doug is a Sr. Platform Engineer on the Windows Server team at Nordstrom, a luxury clothing retailer based in Seattle, Washington. He is an avid Remember The Milk user, and after almost a year has finally stopped fiddling with his RTM setup (mostly). Using RTM for work and personal tasks and projects, he has achieved Inbox Zero (at least at work...). He lives in a small Craftsman-style house in Seattle with his wife and two kids. Thanks for sharing your insights, Doug!

Remember The Milk has all the features required to be a great web-based task manager for Getting Things Done (GTD) but its sheer flexibility means it can be daunting to build a well-oiled GTD machine. In this post I’ll show you how to use RTM Lists, Tags, Smart Lists, and Locations to create a full-blown project and task management system based on David Allen’s Getting Things Done.

A good GTD system should:

  1. Allow you to keep track of daily tasks (e.g. “pick up dry cleaning”) and projects (e.g. “create web site”)
  2. Make the weekly review as easy as possible, allowing you to brainstorm tasks for each project and identify Next Actions, Waiting-For and delegated tasks
  3. Separate tasks (a.k.a. Next Actions) into Contexts, such as Work, Home, Calls, Grocery Store, etc., so you only see the tasks you can do at any given time.
  4. Keep you focused on the most important tasks you need to do today

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在同事王剑(塞纳河)的婚礼上,创意部送上的一份神秘惊喜。在接下来的几年内,ES将迎来结婚高峰期。婚礼花样不断翻新,我们开玩笑的说:要成立一个WCT(Wedding Creative Team)。